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AGRIMAXX ESP (Energy System Plus)

Better Water In Every Way


Increased Yield


Reduced Water Consumption

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Reduced Chemical Usage

Agrimaxx System Overview

The Agrimaxx ESP (Energy System Plus) System is NOT a water softener or reverse osmosis system. The Agrimaxx ESP water unit is a patented electronic device which works with the ion structure of the water in order to achieve optimal water composition. It is the latest scientific application of an age-old principle based on the sound laws of physics.

Water that passes through the controlled electrostatic field in the unit is treated by a patented wave which creates improved taste, reduced odor, scale reduction and reduction of other significant problems in water sources.

Our technology allows growers to save time and money, while growing stronger, healthier plants. Simply put: we help growers and producers do more with less. We help reduce input costs, increase production yield, increase worker safety and reduce resource consumption to help the local and global environment.

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Agrimaxx ESP Water System Applications

The Agrimaxx technology has been in use for decades, with satisfied customers from many different operations and walks of life. Whether it’s traditional crop farmers, hop growers, orchards, nurseries, greenhouses, vineyards, sod farms, seed producers, cattleman, dairymen, golf courses, lake caretakers (dealing with algae or invasive fish species), cemetery caretakers or the local ski hill snow making systems…. we can make your water more efficient. 

The Agrimaxx systems are designed specifically for the specific needs of our customers. Systems are created based off water test results, industry segment needs, specific production needs and any issues our customers are trying to overcome (bugs, slugs, snails, algae, hard water scaling). The Agrimaxx unit is built so that additional frequencies can be added later as needed, in the case that new issues arise, or new crops/opportunities are added to an operation.

Field Crops

Greenhouse Systems

Hydroponic Systems

Golf Courses

Natural Grass Stadiums

Recreational Parks

Indoor Cannabis





Waste Water Treatment

Food Processing Facilities

Snowmaking Systems

Overall System Benefits

The Agrimaxx ESP System has been implemented in a number of different operations worldwide and has delivered results in every instance. The overall benefits for the system includes an increase in yield (whether that’s ears of corn, weight of cantaloupe, protein content in alfalfa, milk production in dairy cows or size of bulbs in flowers) and an increase in overall health and vibrancy of the crop or animal. The system allows growers to use less water, chemicals, fertilizer, nutrients and/or hormones than traditionally required. The reduced need for chemical, fertilizer and nutrient additions results in less hard costs to purchase treatments, less labor hours required to apply treatments and increased worker safety due to decreased exposure to chemicals. 

Plants germinate faster  and reach maturity earlier, which allows growers to get more crop turns and increase their profit (while saving money and resources). The final products also have a longer shelf life and are more resistant to pests, fungus and viruses. 

The energy introduced into the water supply reduces hard water scaling and has been shown to clean existing scale from the water system. This allows machinery to work more efficiently with less downtime for cleaning and repair. The Agrimaxx technology can be custom designed to remove algae from bodies of water and drip tape; it can also be designed to run off bugs, slugs and snails.

Field Crops

  • Thicker/stronger stems

  • Stronger root systems

  • Higher protein

  • Higher Brix readings


  • ​Increase flower head & bulb size

  • Shorten growing time

  • Longer shelf life

  • Less shrink during shipping


  • Stronger fruit skin

  • Longer shelf life

  • Higher sugar content

  • Pest, virus and fungus resistant


  • Stronger fruit skin

  • Longer shelf life

  • Higher sugar content

  • Pest, virus and fungus resistant


  • Stronger vegetable skin

  • Longer shelf life

  • Size and shape consistency

  • Pest, virus and fungus resistant


  • Stronger vines

  • Higher Brix readings

  • Higher nutrient density

  • Longer shelf life


  • Stronger stalk and stems

  • Consistent bud size and consistency

  • Stronger root system

  • Added resiliency against wind and animal damage


  • Improved set

  • Fewer empty shells

  • Thicker shells

  • Reduced mold

The Agrimaxx Commitment

Agrimaxx is committed to helping growers maximize yields through the use of our water conditioner energy systems, which we custom design for our customers' needs and environment. With decades of proven results in agricultural environments, we have the confidence to guarantee our product's results or your money back.

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