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Remote Crop Monitoring & Traceability

Unlock Your Next Insight

We have built the first fully integrated seed-to-shelf analysis tool, delivering full-cycle product information you can trust to increase operational efficiency and make informed management decisions across your agricultural product pipeline.

The Beacon

The Beacon sensor can be planted,harvested, and transported with crops, delivering data throughout the entire product life cycle.

Unlocking Next-Level Supply Chain Monitoring


Measure the moisture levels of your soils and storage environments in real time.


Monitor the humidity in your fields and throughout your product supply chain.


Understand your product’s climate conditions for more informed decisions.

Crop Damage

Track the condition of your crop from field to transport to storage.

The Signal Platform

The Signal platform actively monitors real-time success factors, integrating soil moisture, crop damage, temperature, humidity, and location with a robust set of agronomic insights.


We’re grower first. Farmers are at the center of any successful ag value chain.


We work with the advisors our farmers count on, enabling them make the best recommendations.


We partner with companies who want more intelligence about the products they’re buying.

What Our Customers Think

“Everyone goes out to the field to check moisture, but there is a lot of variability in how that is determined. We needed a technology that could eliminate that variability, set a ground rule for the moisture level, and calibrate accordingly.” – Jared Cook