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Increase yields with precision agriculture today!

OneSoil Yield is a digital farming solution aimed at optimizing input usage and increasing your yields. It detects fields suitable for precision agriculture, builds productivity zones, creates VRA maps and control strips, and analyzes yield.

200,000 ha

used for field trials to prove the technology


average profitability gain per hectare

6 years

of satellite data is processed to analyze your fields

Try variable-rate application and get measurable results right away

OneSoil Yield is the most advanced precision agriculture software available to help you understand which of your fields are suitable for variable-rate application and help you conduct a field trial from A to Z.

Increase crop yield

by implementing VRA technology

Reduce costs

by optimizing input usage

Input less data manually

with algorithms that will do most of the steps for you

Keep full control of the trials

by adjusting control strips or productivity zones if necessary

Save time

by setting and analyzing field trials automatically

Watch the demo to learn what OneSoil Yield can do

Increase your fields' profitability in 6 easy steps

1. Add Your Fields

from an existing OneSoil account, predetermined field boundaries, or by uploading a file

2. Check Out The Field Report

to see fields’ productivity zones, soil brightness, and relief and make conclusions about limiting factors

3. Create VRA Maps

to get the most out of field conditions when seeding, fertilizing, and spraying

4. Verify Control Strips

to see how planting, fertilization, or plant protection product application will affect yield

5. Upload Yield Maps

to provide the platform with the data it needs to analyze yield and generate a yield report

6. Analyze The Yield Report

to see how different rates improve crop yields in all productivity zones and determine the best rate for each zone