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Primers, Starters, and Foliar Fertilizers

Representing OMEX Canada In Alberta

ProActive Ag Technologies represents OMEX Canada and resells OMEX products to local Alberta farmers. Their broad-spectrum liquid fertility can be custom catered for almost every situation, meeting all your fertility needs. Whether that be seed primers, liquid in-furrow starters, hail recovery programs, foliar nutrition (which can be tank-mixed with herbicides), or PGRs and Biostimulants to increase branching and reduce lodging risk. They also carry a line of organic products, spray adjuvants, and other industry-leading liquid fertility amendments.


Seed-applied fertilizer dressing


In-furrow applied fertilizer and additives


Foliar applied liquid solutions/suspensions of fertilizer (macro-, secondary- and micronutrients)

OMEX products make your soil healthier, which brings you a higher yield.

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