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FBN helps farmers level the playing field, gain control and increase profit potential by providing unprecedented transparency through data-driven technology, direct-to-farm delivery of thousands of inputs and supplies and innovative digital financial and insurance services. By connecting you with more than 55,000 FBN farmers, you’ll unlock access to powerful digital agronomic and marketing tools, an exclusive FBN online community and local and regional events. Farming connected is the key to your farm’s financial future.

Pricing Bulletin Update

Cyber November is Here!

What’s happening this year?


Any purchase of $5,000 or more of Glyphosate or Glufosinate gets you additional discounts not only now, but through the entire season. 

 Savings on FBN Labeled Products  (excluding Smoke and Glufosinate)

6% from November 1st to December 8th

4% from December 9th to March 31st

2% from April 1st to August 31st

As well any customer who has previously purchased with us before will save an additional 1% on FBN Labeled Products ordered before Nov 17th


Our product portfolio has expanded and we are excited to to offer you more great products (New Products are in Bold)


Core Products

Smoke 540 Glyphosate $5.95/L pre discounts ($5.71 EFT)

FBN Glufosinate 150 SN $6.05/L pre discounts ($5.80 EFT)

FBN Diquat 240 SN $12.00/L pre discounts ($11.52/L EFT + 6% FBN disc)

(Prices in 1000L totes)


Granular Herbicides:

Advantage Triallate 10% similar active as Avadex®️

Advantage Trifluralin 10% same active as Treflan®️

Advantage Triallate 10% + Trifluralin 4% same active as Fortress®️



Inject-N Pea and Lentil (Available in Liquid and Granular)



Accuspray similar to Interlock®️

Flatten similar to Halt®️

Falcon similar to LI 700®️

Icon similar to Agral 90®️




FBN MCPA Ester 600

FBN 2,4-D Ester 700

FBN Fluroxypr 180 EC same active as Perimeter II®️

FBN Blacktail same active as Blackhawk®️

FBN CapTTain same active as OcTTain®️

FBN Sterling same active as Stellar®️

FBN Clodinafop same active as Horizon®️

FBN Florasulam same active as Prepass Flex®️

Disha same active as Banvel®️

Draft same active as ????

Brilliant same active as Buctril M®️

Benta Super same activa as Basagran®️



FBN Clethodim 240 same active as Centurion®️

FBN Quinclorac same active as Facet L®️

FBN Clopyralid 360 SL same active as Lontrel®️

Elegant 10% EC same active as Assure®️

Smoke 540 Glyphosate same active as Roundup Transorb®️

FBN Glufosinate 150 SN same active as Liberty®️



Benz same active Viper ADV®️

Pro Ag UAN

Benta Super same active as Basagran®️

FBN Clethodim 240 same active as Centurion®️

Maxunitech Sulfentrazone 480 SC same active as Authority®️



Azoshy 250 SC same active as Quadris®️

FBN ProTeb 250 SC same active as Prosaro®️

FBN Prothio 480 SC same active as Proline®️

FBN Tebuconazole same active as Folicur EW®️

Preach Fungicide same active as Headline EC®️

Propi Super 25 EC Fungicide same active as Tilt 250 E®️

Sharda Fungiton SC Fungicide same active as Quilt®️



FBN Deltamethrin 5 EC same active as Decis 5 EC®️



Additional Discounts are also available:

Any order $5,000 or greater is eligible for a $150 Self-Checkout Discount!

New Customers are eligible to save $750 of their first order of $15k or more!

4% Discount by paying via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) 

Truckload discount of 2% on minimum 15K/L orders of Smoke 540 and Glufosinate


Payment Methods:

Credit Card

0% Financing to May 31st through both Farm Credit Canada and Scotiabank Yield More Financing


If you are looking for in-crop tank mixes, insecticides, or fungicides, please reach out, as we can make products equivalent to Korrex, Curtail M, Prestige, Octtain, Stellar, Spectrum, Frontline, etc.

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