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Cropland Solutions

Cropland Solutions is the link between regenerative agronomy and your farm. Our expert advisors provide farmers with solutions/ farm plans that will help reduce chemical consumption and increase farm efficiency and synergy.

Regen Ag Starts Here.

Our Simple 3-Step Process

1. Identify Inefficiency

2. Understand Problem

3. Provide Solution

In 3 steps, we help you develop a plan for your farm. Let us reduce chemical consumption and fertilizer use, and help you create a more sustainable farm through regenerative agriculture methods.


Organic and conventional farm land differ significantly in their agricultural practices and approaches to cultivation. Organic farming prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship by promoting the use of natural and organic inputs, avoiding synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Instead, organic farmers focus on crop rotation, composting, and natural pest control methods to maintain soil health and fertility. They also avoid using synthetic fertilizers, relying on organic alternatives.

Conventional farming employs conventional agricultural practices that include the use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers to maximize crop yields and control pests. While conventional farming may often result in higher yields, it may also have adverse effects on the environment due to chemical runoff and soil degradation. In contrast, organic farming aims to support biodiversity, reduce pollution, and prioritize the long-term health of the ecosystem in which it operates.

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