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AGSOL Agriculture Solutions is a Canadian specialized fertilizer provider with a mission to improve your crop yields by providing products that aid plant and soil nutrition.

AGSOL Products

NTS’s Triple Ten(TM) (10-10-10) combines a hot mix N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) blend and micronutrients chelated with fulvic acid. It also contains triacontanol, vitamins, amino acids, and three species of kelp (Tri-Kelp below). A hot NPK mix created when three separate nutrients (N-P-K) are mixed together in a large combustion chamber where they react in each other’s presence. When the reaction is over, and the solution has cooled down, the resulting N-P-K becomes the Triple Ten (TM) base. The result is that the triple ten N-P-K carries the extra energy from the hot mix process. It is this extra energy that amplifies all of the positive nutrition and bio-stimulating power that is packed into Triple Ten, making it possible to get results at relatively low rates. The higher energy allows more nutrients to be packed into liquid form while staying in solution.

Use Triple Ten (TM) to promote health growth with better crop yield, quality, and colour.

Triple Ten™ has a 10-10-10 analysis of NPK and is created with essential micro-nutrition, amino acids, vitamins, worm castings, triacontanol, and more. A hot mix NPK is created with three separate nutrients, N-P-K, mixed together in a large combustion chamber where they react to each other’s presence. When the reactions are over, and the solution has cooled down, the resulting N-P-K becomes the Triple Ten™ base. Contact Pro Ag Tech today to see if Triple Ten™ is the right choice for you.

Tri-Kelp™ is a freeze-dried powder of three very advantageous seaweed species, Laminaria, Sargassum and Ascophyllum nodosum. Kelp is known for its minerals, ultra-trace minerals, and plant compounds that promote other crops’ health and growth. Tri-Kelp™ is made up of three of the most potent kelp species to give farmers the best growth results.

Laminaria has the potential to assist plants to recover from previous viruses, boosting immunity. Sargassum is rich in alginic acid and helps crops increase their water retention. Lastly, Tri-Kelp™ contains Ascophyllum nodosum containing high cytokinin levels, along with having the highest mineral levels of any kelp. Tri-Kelp™ will help you improve your soil conditions, help your plants retain water, and also improve growth and flowering.

Contact Pro Ag Tech today to try out Tri-Kelp™ and see the difference it makes with your crops.

AGSOL’s TrueHume™ Fulvic 70 has a sizeable nutrient-loading capacity related to a CEC of 1400. Because of its small molecular size, any minerals that are chelated with fulvic acid will rapidly enter plant walls. This allows plants to access trace minerals, rock phosphate and lime quickly. Fulvic acid is also potent when stimulating electrolytes and being a bio stimulant. The fulvic acid helps balance and energize the plant cells for optimal cell division and rapid growth.

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic acid, which is a building block of soil organic matter. It builds Brix° and improves moisture storage to minimize the effects of drought. It increases stomata opening and transpiration, assists plant respiration, and improves the respiration of beneficial micro-organisms. Fulvic acid directly influences numerous enzymatic processes to improve plant immunity and vitality.

Additionally, fulvic acid increases the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients. Lastly, fulvic acid can detoxify pollutants in the soil, absorb poisons and catalyze the rapid breakdown of toxins.

TrueHume™ Soluble Humates come in both granule and powder formats. TrueHume™’s formulation contains 80% humic acid and 5% soluble potash, derived from leonardite. They also contain sulphur, calcium, magnesium and iron and trace amounts of manganese, copper and boron.

When using TrueHume™ Soluble Humates, you will improve your soil health tremendously. When humic acid is applied directly to the soil, it promotes fungal growth, stabilizes nitrogen and is also a phosphate complexing agent. Humates have the ability to increase the permeability of plant cells, allowing your crops to absorb nutrients easier. Lastly, humic acid can also reduce the effects of extreme surpluses of elements such as sodium, along with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Let Pro Ag Tech help you pick out the right AgSol product for your crops. Contact us today.

Yucca schidigera extract is a non-ionic spreader and activator that acts as a natural surfactant or wetting agent. Yucca extract is rich in steroidal saponins and also helps soil absorb water evenly, reducing the chance of dry spots or water channels.

Adding Yucca Extract to your fertilizers can help boost their effectiveness, and help protect your crops against drought, heat, salt, UV damage, and stress.

Our experienced team at Pro Ag Tech is happy to help you pick the right fertilizers for your crops. Contact us today!

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