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Who We Are

At Pro Ag-tech Inc. we strive to only offer the highest quality of services and innovative products on the market by working closely with the best partners in the industry. We help our customers get the most out of their crops by offering high-quality crop inputs, reducing chemical input costs, increasing yield, reducing water consumption by increasing efficiency, increasing pivot productivity, farm data management, precision yield monitoring solutions, and more. Our goal is to help our customers be the most successful and efficient as possible and to increase their bottom line. Your success is our success!

What We Offer


Increase yields with precision agriculture today!

OneSoil Yield is a digital farming solution aimed at optimizing input usage and increasing your yields. It detects fields suitable for precision agriculture, builds productivity zones, creates VRA maps and control strips, and analyzes yield.

Crop Inputs

One-Stop Shopping from Seeding to Harvest

Tired of dealing with multiple suppliers? We offer over 250 different products from seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, biologicals, plant hormones, crop protection, and more! If you can think of it, we probably offer it!

Farmer's Business Network

FBN helps Family Farmers maximize their profit potential with data and technology, direct-to-farm commerce, community and a sustainability platform.

Play Video about Agrimaxx - Helping Growers Maximize Yield


Optimize Crop Yield, Water and Fertigation

The Agrimaxx ESP water unit is a patented electronic device which works with the ion structure of the water in order to achieve optimal water composition. It is the latest scientific application of an age-old principle based on the sound laws of physics.

Soil Sensors

Remote Crop Monitoring & Traceability

Soil sensors are essential agricultural tools that measure moisture, temperature, and nutrient levels in the soil, providing farmers with crucial data to make informed decisions for optimal crop growth.

Get Rid Of Ruts Today

We are dedicated to improving the stability and performance of your pivot irrigation systems by providing wheel spacer solutions.


FarmTRX is an innovative farm management software platform that empowers farmers with data-driven insights to optimize operations, increase productivity, and make informed decisions for sustainable agriculture.

Solutions to Increase Your Bottom Line!